✓ Engineering and commissioning (design, procurement, construction, assembling, installation and commissioning) of industrial production facilities (natural gas plants and burners) and home facilities, including the conversion of industrial and home facilities (from fuel oil, diesel, LPG, etc.) to methane.
✓ Warranty and after warranty service;
✓ Compressed Natural Gas supply with trailers;
✓ CNG & LPG car gas kits;
✓ CNG & LPG bottles and bundles;
✓ International and domestic transport of dangerous goods;
✓ CNG Filling Station “CNG Blue Force”.
Metan Ltd aims at engineering and construction of facilities and infrastructure that would increase the use of compressed natural gas (CNG) as an alternative energy source and will reduce the harmful emissions in the air, and increase the business competitiveness by reducing costs for energy and fuel.
If you have decided to optimize your business, taking advantage of the efficiency of the natural gas and considering the natural gas as an alternative fuel of the future, we will help you to realize your projects, thereby reducing your expenses for energy and fuel. Hence you will become part of our cause "Blue force for blue sky."
Would you pay more for energy and fuel? The solution is in your hands.
Advantages of the natural gas over other fuels
Compressed natural gas (CNG) is an alternative energy for the following reasons:
✓ The price of CNG is significantly lower than the one of diesel, gasoil and LPG;
✓ Saving costs on salaries for regular cleaning of burners and heat exchangers;
✓ Saving costs on running up boilers (working with oil) -  after gasification there are no such activities and costs;
✓ Quality and quantity of the delivered natural gas are guaranteed (thefts or poor quality of the gas are impossible);
✓ Reducing the harmful emissions in the atmosphere and contribution to environmental protection. This enables compliance with the governmental restrictions on harmful emissions in the air;
✓ Return on investment for a foreseeable short term;
✓ Built gas facilities can be used when connection to the gas distribution network at a later stage is available.